Lorraine Bracco on her depression

Lorraine Bracco“By the time she landed the role of Dr. Melfi, whose treatment of mob boss Tony Soprano forms the show’s psychological and moral backbone, Lorraine Bracco was grappling with deep depression.

“Shortly after that, she sought professional counseling and was prescribed antidepressants.

“Actually, it took portraying Melfi… for Bracco to fully realize her darkened mood.

Bracco said, “After decades of such hardships and working hard and praying to catch a break and then the break comes, I had to ask myself, ‘Why am I not jumping for joy?’ I realized I was going on, living life, but without any joy.”

Her memoir is On the Couch .

[From article: Doctor, heal thyself, By Martin Miller, Los Angeles Times June 12, 2006]

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Bracco said she needed her own shrink after years of great success, disastrous romances and near financial ruin.

But life is now “fun.. The kids are good, things are good. And I feel like a kid.”

From article: Lorraine Bracco talks about her depression & ‘The Sopranos’