Owen Wilson hospitalized in 2010 for reported suicide

Owen Wilson Owen Wilson was hospitalized in 2010 following a reported suicide attempt.

An attorney reports the actor slit his wrists, and that he had been taking anti-depressants. Wilson has reportedly also had drug abuse problems in the past.

He is far from alone.

According to the online listing “Famous People Who Have Suffered from Depression or Manic-Depression,” people in the arts who have declared publicly they have had depression include:

Tim Burton, Francis Ford Coppola, Sheryl Crow; Ellen DeGeneres; Charles Dickens, Patty Duke; Connie Francis; Mariette Hartley; Margot Kidder; Kristy McNichol; Kate Millett; Sinead O’Connor; Marie Osmond; Dolly Parton; Bonnie Raitt; Jeannie C. Riley; Roseanne, Axl Rose, Winona Ryder, Francesco Scavullo, Lili Taylor, Tom Waits, Robin Williams and many others.

From my article Depression and Creativity.